Pest Control

-Goals: (1) prevent, (2)Remove food and water sources to eliminate and prevent breeding, (3) Work w/ PCO to control any infestations that occur

-Integrated pest management program balances prevention and control.

-Pestcides are chemicals used to kill pests

-Do not use pesticides yourself. Improper use may causes: unnecessary exposure, failure to remedy infestation, introduce a great hazard, contaminate food, and health hazard to a food service worker.

-Too high/low temp can reduce the effectiveness of a pesticide (over 120F may lead possible fire)

Deny entry, deny dwelling: damp, dirty, dark

-PCO: identify issues, efficiently select treatments, apply treatments safely, save money, respond quickly, and provide advice and records.


Legal Requirements, HACCP and Inspectation

FDA food code is the federal govt’s best advice to minimize the incidence of Foodborne illnesses (not law)

Federal Level:





Center disease control

-Prevention and surveillance of Foodborne disease outbreaks. -If outbreak occurs, the CDC works w/ all levels of gov’t to provide a rapid response.

-Helps FDA on food codes


Environmental protection agency

-Determines air- and water-quality standards, regulates pesticide use and dictates proper handling of waste products


Food and drug administration

-Inspecting food services operations that cross state borders

-food products not covered by the USDA or NMFS




National marine fisheries services

Domestic and imported fish and fish products prior to sale


US Department of agriculture

-Inspecting and grading domestic and imported food and food products derived from animals

-Slaughterhouse for compliance w/ sanitation labeling and quality standards

State Level: Usually write them into law

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